Los Angeles County, California Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention Recovers 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Stolen from Dealership with Help from the LoJack® System

  • June 11, 2014
  • recovery stories

A new car dealer in Northridge, CA was the victim of fraud when a customer used fake identification to purchase a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. Because the stolen vehicle was protected with the LoJack® system, local law enforcement recovered it the same day the LoJack was activated, and took a suspect into custody as well.

On June 4th, 2014, the dealership reported the crime to Los Angeles County TRAP (Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention). TRAP detectives entered the vehicle information into the state and federal crime computers. This procedure automatically activated the LoJack unit concealed in the Chevrolet Camaro.

A short time later, the TRAP detectives picked up the silent homing signals from the stolen car on the LoJack tracking computers installed in their patrol vehicles. The Chevy was located parked and unoccupied in front of a private home on Leslie Lane. The detectives observed a limousine drive up to the location and drop off a man matching the description of the suspect. As detectives approached, the suspect fled into the residence but was soon taken into custody. Further investigation revealed a credit card embosser and a laptop used for manufacturing credit cards in the residence. In addition, the suspect was wanted on an additional TRAP identity theft case for purchasing a motorcycle with false identity. The Camaro, valued at $26,000, was soon returned to the dealership.

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