LoJack System Helps Long Beach Police Department Recover Stolen Honda Accord with an Arrest.

  • April 23, 2019
  • Law Enforcement

The owners of a 2014 Honda Accord contacted the Long Beach Police department to report their Honda had been stolen.  Long Beach PD verified the theft and entered the vehicle information into the state and federal crime computers which automatically activated the LoJack® System concealed in the Honda.

A short while later officers from Long Beach PD picked up the silent LoJack signal from the stolen Honda with the LoJack Police Tracking Computers (PTC) that are installed in patrol vehicles and aircraft.  Following the directional and audible cues from the PTC, the officers tracked the Honda as it was traveling through the city of Long Beach. The tracking officers broadcast their location and the direction from which they were receiving the stolen Honda’s LoJack signal.  Assisting officers converged on the area and one of the assisting patrol vehicles spotted the Honda as it was traveling south through the city.  The officer pulled in behind the Honda and followed it until sufficient back up units arrived.  The officers were able to safely conduct a felony traffic stop and detain the driver.  Upon questioning the suspect told the officers he had fallen on hard times and needed a vehicle to get around.  He said as he was walking around Long Beach when he happened upon the Honda, which was left running and unlocked.  The suspect said he got in and drove off.  The suspect also added that he had recently obtained a few vehicles in the same manner and used them for transportation before abandoning them.

The LoJack® System was installed in the Honda Accord in December 2016 at Galpin Honda, San Fernando, CA.