LoJack System Helps Gwinnett Police Department Recover Two Stolen 2018 BMW’s

  • February 27, 2019
  • Law Enforcement

United BMW of Gwinnett reported to Gwinnett Police that two of their vehicles had been purchased by means of fraud. The suspects had used the identity of deceased persons to make the purchases. Gwinnett Police verified the theft and fraud and had the vehicle information entered into the state and federal crime computers.  This routine action automatically activated the LoJack® System concealed in the two stolen BMW’s.

A short time later Officers from Gwinnett Police  picked up the silent LoJack signals from the stolen BMW 740I with the LoJack Police Tracking Computers (PTCs) that are installed in patrol vehicles and aircraft. Officers were able to locate the vehicle parked at a residence in their County. Contact was made at the residence and information obtained to assist the investigators with their case. The vehicle was recovered and returned to the owner.

The second stolen BMW’s silent and directional LoJack signal was picked up by Officers from Fairburn Police. Following the signal, it was determined the stolen BMW X^ The vehicle was moving and Officers lost the signal. The same Officers assisted by South Fulton Police and State Officers from MCCD saturated the area were the signal was lost and began tracking it again. The vehicle was located at a residence in the city of South Fulton. The vehicle had been parked in the garage of the residence but Officers were able to use the silent tracking signal to locate where the vehicle was concealed. Officers made contact with the resident who cooperated and turned over the vehicle to Police. This case is still developing and the investigation continues.

Both vehicles were recovered in a very short time after being reported stolen to Police. The cooperation and team work between LoJack and Local Law Enforcement continues to grow with success stories like these.

Both of the LoJack Units were installed at United BMW of Gwinnett in November 2018.