LoJack® System Helps NYPD Recover a Stolen 2002 Hyundai

  • September 18, 2018
  • Law Enforcement

The owner of the Hyundai parked it on the street in front of her house, when she came out for it the next day she found it missing. This was in the Queens Village section of Queens, confines of the 103 precinct.  She immediately called the Police of the 103 precinct, when the police responded they took a written report, this information was then entered into the NYPD computer for stolen cars, and it also enters the NCIC computer, which is the computer for the United States. Once this occurs it automatically activates the LoJack unit in the stolen Hyundai Elantra both seamlessly, silently and effortlessly.

A short while later the silent signal was picked up by the officers of the Queens South Auto Larceny Unit on the LoJack tracking computer in their vehicle. This was in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens, confines of the 107 precinct. They tracked it to a residential area; there they found the vehicle parked on the street in the residential area. They staked the vehicle out for a short while, but when no showed up for it, they took it into custody. The vehicle was recovered with no damage.

The owner was contacted and she was elated that her vehicle was recovered so quickly, especially with no damage. She further stated that she was happy that when she bought the vehicle it was equipped with the LoJack tracking device that apparently was purchased by the former owner of the vehicle. She proceeded to say that if it weren’t for LoJack his vehicle may never have been recovered.

The approximate value of the vehicle was $4,500.00

The LoJack® System was installed in the 2002 Hyundai at Koeppel Hyundai / Mitsubishi on May 15,2002.