LoJack System Helps Dallas Police Department Recover a Stolen Ford F250

  • August 3, 2017
  • recovery stories

The owner of a 2005 Ford F250 contacted the Dallas Police Department to report that his vehicle was stolen. The owner parked his Ford at his business and when he returned to it he found it missing.

The Dallas PD verified the theft and entered the vehicle information into the state and federal crime computers which automatically activated the LoJack® System concealed in the Ford.

Seven minutes later, officers from the Dallas PD picked up the silent LoJack signal from the stolen Ford with the LoJack Police Tracking Computers (PTC) that are installed in patrol vehicles.  Following the directional and audible cues from the PTC, the officers tracked the stolen Ford to the 4400 block of W Illinois Ave, where they observed it parked in a store parking lot.  There was a suspect sitting in the driver’s seat.  Upon seeing the officers, the suspect drove off at a high rate of speed.  Officers continued tracking the stolen Ford pickup and observed the suspect jump out of it and run into a wooded area.  A K9 unit responded to the wooded area and the police dog was able to track the suspect for 200 yards into the woods and found the suspect hiding in some bushes.  He was arrested.  The Ford pickup was recovered in good condition.  The suspect was in possession of a shaved Ford key and used it to steal this Ford pickup.

The LoJack® System was installed in the Ford F250 in January 2005 at Park Cities Ford in Dallas, Texas.