LoJack® System Helps the Tukwila Police Department Recover a Nissan Murano

  • October 17, 2014
  • recovery stories

This Nissan Murano was taken without permission by a juvenile suspect known to the owner.  The owner’s apartment, located on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, was burglarized while she was away and keys to the Nissan were taken by the suspect.  When the crimes were discovered, the theft was reported to the King County Sheriff’s Office.  The report was verified and they entered the vehicle information into the state and federal crime computers which automatically activated the LoJack® System concealed in the Nissan.

Less than one hour of activating the LoJack, a Tukwila Police officer picked up the silent LoJack® homing signals from the stolen Nissan on the LoJack® Police Tracking Computers (PTC) that are installed in patrol vehicles and aircraft.

It was quickly tracked to a convenience store on Martin Luther King Jr. Way where the officer observed the vehicle occupied by three young males.  All were taken into custody for questioning.   The owner was called to the scene and identified the driver as someone she knew. She also confirmed her apartment was entered and keys taken without permission.  The suspect was released pending referral of the case to the juvenile prosecutor.

The LoJack® System was installed in the Lexus in July of 2006.   The current owner was not aware her car was equipped with LoJack.