The LoJack® System Helps Houston, Texas Police Recover Stolen Mercedes Benz 350

  • June 25, 2013
  • recovery stories

This Dallas, TX resident attempted to sell his used car on his own, but ended up with a bad check and an even worse headache as the buyer used a false ID, paid with a bad draft, and took off with the victim’s Mercedes Benz 350.  What the thief didn’t know is that, along with the Mercedes, he had the LoJack® system along for the ride. It was hidden in the vehicle at the time of purchase, and assisted local law enforcement in recovering the Benz that same day.

On June 12th, 2013, the 350’s owner contacted Dallas Police and filed a report of fraudulent purchase of vehicle. Dallas PD verified the crime and entered the vehicle information into the State and Federal crime computers.  This automatically activated the LoJack unit concealed in the Mercedes, which was installed at HBL Inc. in Vienna, VA.

A short while later, officers from the Houston PD theft task force picked up the homing signals from the Mercedes on the LoJack tracking computers installed in their patrol vehicles. They tracked the vehicle to a student parking lot at the University of Houston. They set up surveillance and soon saw a suspect enter the vehicle and attempt to drive away. Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the suspect. The 350 was quickly returned to its very relieved owner.

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