The LoJack® Early Warning System Helps Washington State Police Aviation and Renton, WA Police Recover Stolen Ford F-350 in 28 Minutes

  • May 7, 2013
  • recovery stories

Just because you’re away on vacation doesn’t mean the thieves are as well.  In this case, the vacationing owner of a Ford F-350 got notification that his truck had been moved without his permission, thanks to the LoJack® Early Warning System.

The F-350 was stolen during the early morning hours of April 25th, 2013 from his Renton residence.  The owner was in Mexico on vacation when he received an Early Warning Alert from LoJack on his cell phone.  Early Warning is a LoJack feature that notifies the owner of a vehicle when it’s moved without the presence of a LoJack Key Pass.  The owner called his daughter who lives in nearby Bellevue.  She verified the truck was missing and reported the theft to the Renton Police Department.  Renton PD entered the vehicle identification number into their state and federal crime computers. That process automatically activated the LoJack device concealed in the truck, which was installed at Brotherton Cadillac in Renton, WA.

A short while later, a Washington State Police patrol plane received the homing signal from the truck on the LoJack tracking computer installed onboard.  The pilot located the truck in a parking lot of a large supermarket and alerted ground units.  Renton PD recovered the truck with only minor damage in only 28 minutes after activation, and released it to the owner’s daughter.

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