The LoJack® System Recovers a Tacoma Stolen In Oklahoma

  • April 1, 2013
  • recovery stories

Oklahoma is nicknamed ‘The Sooner State’- and if you want to get your stolen vehicle back ‘sooner’, be sure you have a LoJack® device installed like the owner of this 2002 Toyota Tacoma pickup!

In the early morning hours on March 30, 2013, this Tulsa, OK resident contacted the Tulsa Police Department to report their Tacoma was stolen from a local business. The police entered the truck’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into their crime computer, which automatically activated the vehicle’s LoJack unit, installed at Scott Clark’s Toyota City in Charlotte, NC, when the Tacoma was purchased in 2004.

A short while later, a deputy with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department picked up the silent homing signal from the stolen Tacoma with the LoJack tracker installed in a patrol vehicle. The deputy was able to quickly locate the stolen Toyota pickup, valued at $11,000. The truck was found abandoned and undamaged in less than three hours after the LoJack device was first activated, and was returned to its grateful owner.

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