Stolen Audi A6 Found at Repair Shop with Flat Tires, Recovered by Denver Police Using LoJack

  • January 16, 2013
  • recovery stories

On December 25, 2012, the owners of a 2006 Audi A6 returned from a trip only to discover that the keys to their Audi, which had been left at their home in Aurora, had disappeared, along with the vehicle.  The owners quickly contacted the Aurora Police Department and made an auto theft report.

The Aurora Police verified the theft and entered the Audi’s information into the state and federal crime computers, which automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the vehicle.  The owners did not know that their vehicle had been equipped with LoJack by a previous owner in California.  However, this did not matter for recovery purposes, as LoJack is a one-time purchase and does not require a subscription to maintain its viability in the case of theft.

Minutes later, patrol officers with the Denver Police Department picked up the silent LoJack homing signals from the stolen Audi with the LoJack Police Tracking Computers (PTCs) that are installed in police patrol vehicles and aircraft.  The LoJack PTC provides officers with on-board information which permits them to locate the stolen vehicle quickly and with an increased margin of safety.

Following the directional and audible cues from the LoJack PTCs, the officers promptly tracked the vehicle to a commercial repair garage on Colorado Boulevard in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.  The Audi was located inside the garage, but due to the holiday closure, they elected to wait until the business opened the following morning to contact the proprietors of the business.  When they did so, they learned that the vehicle had been left in the parking lot the previous day with two flat tires, and that a voice mail had been left at the business, requesting that the tires be repaired. The business owners had pushed the car into the garage for safekeeping, and were waiting for the anonymous caller to contact them with authorization to repair the tires. The investigation into this incident is being handled by the Aurora and Denver Police Departments.

The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System was installed in this Audi in June of 2006 at Downtown LA Motors Porsche-Audi in Los Angeles, California at the request of a prior owner. The approximate value of this recovery is $19,000.