LoJack® System Helps Chicago Police Department Recover Stolen 2007 Caterpillar Tracked 287B Skid Steer

  • August 17, 2016
  • recovery stories

A construction company from Joliet, Illinois, contacted the Chicago Police Department to report that they had a Tracked Caterpillar 287B Skid Steer stolen from a construction site on the 3900 of East 103rd street in Chicago’s East Chicago neighborhood. The owner explained he hadn’t physically seen his piece of equipment for five days previous to him reporting it stolen. The Chicago PD officers after verifying the facts as presented entered the Caterpillar into the federal and state criminal database as stolen which automatically sends a signal to the LoJack unit hidden within the stolen Caterpillar which causes it to activate.

Within minutes of the Caterpillar being entered as stolen a Chicago/Cook County helicopter picked up the audible and directional signal being broadcast from the stolen Caterpillar.  Following the signal being broadcast the helicopter located the Caterpillar in a yard of a business on the 3100 block of E 87th street in Chicago’s South Chicago neighborhood. Ground units were directed to the site where the stolen Caterpillar was recovered. Another piece of construction equipment whose PIN (product identification number) had been tampered with was towed for a confidential PIN check.  The Chicago PD returned the Caterpillar to the owner on scene.  The Chicago PD investigation into the theft and recovery of this piece of construction equipment continues.

Due to LoJack the owner of the 2007 Caterpillar Tracked 287B Skid Steer had his piece of equipment back hours after he reported it stolen. The owner was very grateful and stated this was the third piece of equipment he had stolen that LoJack has recovered for him.

The LoJack® System was installed in the Caterpillar 287B Skid Steer in April 2007 by a commercial construction company in West Chicago, Illinois.