NYPD Queens North Auto Larceny Unit Recovers Stolen 2008 Honda CBR600 Motorcycle Assisted by the LoJack® System

  • October 8, 2013
  • recovery stories

When the owner of a 2008 Honda CBR600 motorcycle in Queens, NY, discovered it missing, he was glad he chose to have the LoJack® system installed when purchasing his bike. Local law enforcement, with help from LoJack, was able to recover his vehicle that same day.

On September 24th, 2013, the Honda’s owner contacted the NYPD 102nd Precinct to report the crime. Officers took a written report and entered the bike’s information into the NYPD stolen vehicle computer and the NCIC national stolen vehicle computer. The LoJack unit concealed on the CBR600, which was installed at Cycle Power Howard Beach in Queens, NY, was then automatically activated.

A short while later, members of the Queens North Auto Larceny Unit picked up the homing signal from the stolen bike on the LoJack tracking computers installed in their patrol vehicles. They tracked it to a residential street in Ozone Park, Queens, and located it parked in front of a residential garage. The Honda was in excellent condition with just some minor ignition damage. The owner was elated that his motorcycle was recovered so quickly, and stated that, if not for LoJack, his bike may never have been recovered.

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