Stolen GMC Envoy Returned Undamaged Thanks to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office and the LoJack® System!

  • April 2, 2013
  • recovery stories

On February 24, 2013, the owner of a GMC Envoy called the San Diego County Sheriff’s office to report that his vehicle had been stolen from his residence. Luckily, the vehicle owner was also a LoJack ® customer and had a LoJack unit installed on his vehicle when he purchased it from Ball Automotive in Rockville City, CA.

The Sheriff’s Dept. staff entered the vehicle information into their computer which activated the LoJack device on the Envoy, and, a short while later, deputies from this same department picked up a signal from the stolen vehicle on the LoJack tracker in their patrol car. The police located the car in the city of Lemon Grove, initiated a high risk stop and arrested the female driver and her male passenger, who were also in possession of burglary tools.

The Envoy’s owner was thrilled to get his vehicle returned without damage, and the apprehension of this pair probably averted several other crimes in the future.

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